Development Stages

    Years 2016 and 2017 — a kaleidoscope of anniversaries

  • 50th anniversary of Kadoshkino Plant of Lighting Engineering
  • 70th anniversary of Likhoslavl Plant of Lighting Engineering “Svetotehnika”
  • 10th anniversary of “OPORA ENGINEERING” PLANT
  • 25th anniversary of Svetoservis, the founding enterprise of ILEC "BL GROUP" LLC

Development Stages

affiliation of MOCZ plant in Moscow
Galad affiliation of LZSI Plant (Tver Region)
own fleet of special vehicles in Moscow ST LLC
SvetoProekt LLC
BL Trade; Galad affiliation of KETZ Plant (Republic of Mordovia)
issue of own exterior and street lighting calculation program "Light-in-Night Road"
beginning of works according to the ASLCS Svetoservis-SPb
BL-Group Svetoservis-North Caucasus
Svetoservis-Vostochny branch and Svetoservis-Zapadny branch
issue of own operating cost calculation program "Light-in-Night Road"
production of tubular poles in Samara
1991 1993 1995 1998 1999 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
1991. Svetoservis company emerges in Moscow electrical engineering market with an offering of a service suite to develop, install and operate lighting systems based on any type of lighting unit. The conceptually new and innovative approach to enterprise operation management, the quality of the provided services, as well as the availability and novelty of comprehensive solutions were the key factors of the Company’s future development.

1994. Moscow City Government adopted a resolution to develop a consistent light and color environment of the city. The city, which was engulfed by darkness, was to be brought back to light, that is, to become bright, beautiful, safe and comfortable for its residents. The developers had to start from scratch. No architectural lighting as such existed before; rather there were some decorative lighting arrangements that were obsolete, worn-down and practically non-functioning.

However, there were no companies able to carry out the complete work cycle, from design to subsequent operation, and to deliver on the objective set by the Government of Moscow. Svetoservis was the only company who had the heart to undertake the responsibility for the architectural and aesthetic lighting of any structure in the capital. On the eve of 1994, the first completed object, Hotel Ukraine, was commissioned.

Architectural and aesthetic lighting becomes the specialty of the Company. Svetoservis is the prize-winner of professional shows, the winner of numerous awards including several Viktoria Prizes awarded at Russian Light Design show, international and European service quality awards, the holder of the State Prize for Architectural Lighting and, according to some media, “...the trend-setter in the sphere of architectural lighting...”.

1998. The Company establishes an in-house special vehicle fleet - SvetoTrans company.

1999. A decision is made to establish an independent enterprise SvetoProekt. This improves efficiency of operation substantially, ramps up turnover and further enhances quality of rendered services.

1993-2002. One by one, the Company acquires control of Moscow Pilot Lighting Engineering Plant (1993), Likhoslavl Plant of Lighting Engineering “Svetotechnika” (1995) and Kadoshkino Plant of Lighting Engineering (2002). The Company is now not only a service provider, it also develops as a massive industrial and commercial concern and sets up manufacture of a very diverse range of lighting equipment. LZSI and KETZ plants produce GALAD brand products.

2002. BL TRADE Trading House commences operation. Today, the enterprise is the official distributor of GALAD and OPORA ENGINEERING brands. A wide dealership network is being developed all over Russia.

2003. LIGHT-in-NIGHT Road software system is developed and actively used in the sphere of external lighting. The software is intended to assist in designing lighting for roads, multi-level transport junctions, streets, squares, park areas, etc. This is the only certified Russian software product in the area of light engineering.

2004. Svetoservis develops its operations on regional level actively; the Group of Companies is established. Its most dynamic enterprises are Svetoservis-Kuban (2004), Svetoservis-Saint Petersburg (2005), Svetoservis-Moscow Region (2006), Svetoservis-North Caucasus (2008) and Svetoservis-Sochi (2009).

2005. Automatic external static and dynamic architectural lighting control systems (AOLCS ) are being developed and implemented. Unique AOLCS-related devices, power distribution and control panels are being developed and manufactured. As of now, about three dozen models of external static and dynamic architectural lighting control panels (SHUNO-SS type), five models of voltage regulators/stabilizers and twelve models of automated power supply units for external lighting systems are produced.

2007. In Tula, a new plant, OPORA ENGINEERING, is built, to become a modern industrial complex. The plant outputs the complete range of steelworks and supports from components manufactured as part of closed-cycle production processes. The plant’s products bear the trademark of OPORA ENGINEERING.

2008. The Company is rebranded; Management Company “BL GROUP” LLC is established; all the enterprises are merged into the major holding of BL GROUP LLC.

2010. Two Moscow subsidiaries are established: and Zapadny (Western) branch of Svetoservis LLC and Vostochny (Eastern) branch of Svetoservis LLC.

2011. Light-in-Night Service software system for operating cost calculation is being developed. The software system assists in metering of electricity consumption, as well as in network status and electricity quality monitoring. Companies of the Holding carry out the development of concept solutions both on the scale of a city and an individual architectural landmark. Lighting concepts were developed for Lipetsk, Perm, Surgut and Sochi; illumination concepts of Sochi Olympic Park, Moscow Kremlin and the New Arbat – Kutuzovsky Avenue Highway were commissioned.

2012-2016. The development of a major production, design and operation corporation was boosted in 2012 by opening of an additional pipe pole manufacturing enterprise in Samara, which markets its products under OPORA ENGINEERING brand, the acquisition of Wunschleuchten plant in Germany in 2014 and the establishment of boos technical lighting S.L. R&D center and plant in Spain (2016).

2013-2015. A new turn of development has begun – the Holding enters foreign markets: BL Group Europe GmbH, the Holding’s representative office in Germany, was opened in 2013; offices in India and UAE (2015) and Spain (2016) were established.

2014-2017. The Holding demonstrates sustained growth in Russian regions: Svetoservis-TeleMechanica was established in 2014, Svetoservis-Khimki in 2016 and Svetoservis-Volgograd in 2017. The Holding acquired plants in Germany, India and Spain.

2018-now. Steady regional development continues. The enterprises Svetoservse-Stavropol, Svetoservis-Elektrostal, Svetoservis-Pomorie were created. The Klever plant founded that year is the only serial domestic manufacturer supplying LEDs to the open market.

Specialists of the Holding operate in partnership with a number of Russian and foreign companies including International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD). These specialists are the most active consumers of services provided by the testing center of the largest and the only Russian Lighting Research Institute named after S. I. Vavilov.

Over the lifetime of the company, more than 8,000 projects of architectural, external, landscape, sports and internal lighting were completed in a vast number of Russian cities and cities of former Soviet republics. Among the realized projects are airports, railway hubs, streets, squares, motor roads, junctions, overpasses, courtyards, sports complexes, historical buildings and cultural landmarks. These include: Triumphal Arch, the interactive media facades in the New Arbat Avenue, Moscow Planetarium, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg and many more.

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