We invest in manufacturing to quickly respond to market challenges

Modernization and technical re-equipment of our plants allowed us to create enterprises equipped according to the most modern global standards. In terms of the volume and quality of the products manufactured, our plants are among the top five world manufacturers of lighting equipment and the top ten industrial enterprises in Russia. We are constantly improving our manufacturing and service bases, making investments in equipment, specialized transport, and infrastructure. Over the last ten years, the volume of the Holding Company investments amounted to more than 10 billion rubles in comparable prices.

GALAD lighting products

A Russian R&D and manufacturing company GALAD producing lighting equipment, including luminaries, spotlights, and ballasts, formed on the basis of two large Russian lighting factories: Svetotekhnika Likhoslavl Plant LLC and Kadoshkino Electrical Engineering Plant OJSC.

Metal Structures "OPORA ENGINEERING"

A cutting-edge end-to-end manufacturing facility, equipped with advanced high-tech equipment from world-leading vendors, as well as a comprehensive solution for the design, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of metal structures.

Lighting and Engineering Boos-Branded Products

In 2014, the global brand BOOS was registered, under which our European subsidiaries began to produce products: the WunschLeuchten plant in Germany and the BOOS technical lighting plant S.L. in Spain, working on Russian components of the production of BL GROUP.

Lighting Management System “Svetoservis-TM”

Products of the company “Svetoservis-TeleMekhanica ”(“Svetoservis-TM” LLC) is demanded at the lighting automation market. It produces control cabinets for exterior and architectural lighting, power saving equipment, automated exterior lighting supply points, modules and different purpose devices. It also includes “brain center” of the corporation for creation of the programs for control of lighting, control and development of power saving technologies.

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