The quality management system

The quality management system of the Holding Company is a colaboration of processes, methods, rules, organizational structures and resources needed to implement policies and achieve the quality objectives of the Holding Company.
The quality management system applies to the activities related to: design, manufacture and marketing of lighting devices, to the lighting design of different kinds of objects; production of construction and commissioning of the installation of lighting equipment, maintenance of lighting systems of various types, testing of lighting equipment , electrical equipment and electrical installations and complies to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 (Certification Association "Russian Register").

Being the market leader in lighting products and services through continuous expansion of the influence zones and ensuring consistently high level of products and services is the main purpose of the Holding Company.

The quality management system is designed to ensure the quality of the products and services that the Holding Company provides and to meet the quality expectations of consumers. At the same time one of its main tasks is to prevent errors that lead to poor quality of products and services.

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