Privalov Andrey Anatolyevich

Privalov Andrey Anatolyevich” LLCDirector of “Svetoservis-Podmoskovye” LLC and “Svetoservis” LLC

Born on 21.05.1973 in Saratov city.

Educational Background:

Moscow State Agro-Engineering University named after Goryachkin, V.P.
Major: “Electrification and Automation of Agriculture”.

Work Experience:

2004 – Chief Engineer of “Sever” Branch of “Svetoservis – NO” LLC;
2008 – General Director of “Molniya-EM” LLC;
2012 – Executive Director of “Management Company “BL GROUP” LLC;
2015 – Director of “Svetoservis-Podmoskovye” LLC and “Svetoservis” LLC.

Marital Status:

Married, two children.
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