November 01, 2022

Georgy Boos summed up the results of the work of NTS "Lighting Engineering" over the past 5 years

On October 31, an extraordinary meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council "Lighting Engineering" was held in Moscow. During the meeting, the president of the BL GROUP, head of the Department of Lighting Engineering of the NRU "MEI" was re-elected Chairman of the Council for a new five-year term, a new executive director of the NTS was also elected, some results of the work of the Council for 5 years were presented.

The results of the work of NTS "Lighting Engineering" over the past 5 years were presented by Georgy Boos. During this time, 6 general meetings of the NTS were held, 17 meetings of the NTS Bureau, where various issues were considered. Among them, almost every meeting of the Bureau considered new lighting standards, as well as related standards related to the industry. Before they were to be submitted for approval to the relevant national and interstate committees TC-332 and MTK-332, and then to Rosstandart, they had to be approved by the members of the NTS.

NTS organized a number of conferences. Including an international conference on light culture and phytotechnologies, as well as, together with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Commission on Lighting (ICO), an interstate training on photometric course and measurements based on international standards. In addition, an international conference "Light in the Museum" was established jointly with the Hermitage. There were two of them – in 2018 and 2022 (it did not take place in 2020 due to the pandemic). "This is the only international conference on this topic in the world. As we know, the function of museum lighting is not only to emphasize one or another image conceived by the artist, but also to ensure the complete preservation of works, cultural heritage. After all, light can have a negative impact on works of art," explained Georgy Boos.

He also spoke about the activities of NTS "Lighting Engineering" related to the development of lighting education. He highlighted the role of the Council in preserving lighting engineering as a scientific specialty (the Ministry of Education and Science proposed to abolish it in this capacity along with several hundred other specialties). This made it possible to keep the dissertation Council in the field of "lighting engineering" in the industry and, thus, to preserve the opportunity to strengthen the teaching staff with young personnel, which is necessary for the development of the industry. "Having defended our specialty, NTS has demonstrated its importance," said Georgy Boos.

At the meetings of the NTS, "pre-defense" of candidate's, doctoral and master's theses were also held. In addition, the NTS has established nominal scholarships for lighting engineering students in honor of well-known scientists in the industry. Scholarships, on the one hand, perpetuate the memory of scientists, on the other hand, it is a great incentive for students," the head of the NTS noted.

Tatiana Sokolova, who until recently was the director of the Energy Saving Center in St. Petersburg and the head of the Russian Association of Energy Saving Centers (RACEC), was approved for the position of Executive Director of the NTS. "The arrival of Tatiana Vladimirovna to the Council will significantly coordinate the work of the RACEC and the NTS. Since the functions of the NTS are both the development of scientific and technical policy, and the organization of research and development work, and monitoring of the market for these purposes. These are both educational activities and activities for interaction with authorities, primarily in education and scientific and technical policy. In this regard, the interaction of energy saving centers and NTS will help both centers and NTS to perform their functions to the maximum extent," explained Georgy Boos.

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