September 13, 2022

LZSI "Lighting Engineering" is a participant of the national project to increase labor productivity

The Likhoslavl Plant of lighting products (LZSI "Lighting Engineering"), which is part of the BL GROUP, has entered into a labor productivity improvement Program. This program is implemented within the framework of the national project "Labor Productivity" (https://национальныепроекты .Russian Federation/projects/proizvoditelnost-truda) and the federal project "Targeted support for improving labor productivity at enterprises".

The implementation of the Program at the LZSI is designed for 3 years. As a result, an enterprise without additional investments should increase labor productivity by 30% and reduce the cost of production, eliminate losses.

The draft Program involves the creation of a reference site at the plant, where optimization will be carried out, the principles of lean production will be implemented, and labor productivity will be increased. For this purpose, the production process of GALAD Galeon LED luminaires was chosen – one of the latest developments of the Corporation. These luminaires, which are able to integrate into the smart lighting and smart city systems, are ideal for lighting streets, roads, squares, parks, boulevards, cottage settlements, parking lots, railway platforms, courtyards. They are distinguished by modern design and high luminous efficiency. Luminaires of this series have already earned recognition in the lighting market, they can be seen in many regions of the country and abroad. According to the results of 2021, the luminaires of the Galeon series occupy the largest share in monetary terms in the products of LZSI.

Working out the tasks of the Labor Productivity Improvement Program at the reference site is designed for 6 months. After the creation of an exemplary production flow, work will begin on optimizing processes at other production sites.

To implement the project Program, a working group was created at the LZSI under the leadership of Deputy Chief Engineer Grigory Egorov, it included about 20 employees of the plant. The Program is managed by the Director General of the LZSI Andrey Suslov. The project will be supervised by experts from the Regional Competence Center at the Tver Region Industrial Development Fund Sergey Shilo and Alexander Kazantsev.

Recall that since 2019, another enterprise of the Corporation, OPORA ENGINEERING, has been successfully participating in the implementation of the activities of the national project "Labor Productivity". In 2019-2020, the plant introduced new operating principles for the manufacturing process of faceted lighting poles. As a result, labor productivity was increased by 10%, a number of production processes were optimized, downtime was reduced, lean production principles were introduced, and output was increased by 20% on average. As a result of the implementation of the Program, preferential loans from the Industry Fund were received for the development and modernization of production, the purchase of the latest equipment ( /).
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