July 15, 2022

Georgy Boos took part in the preparation of the meeting of the State Council of the Russian Federation "On energy saving and energy efficiency in the Russian Federation"

President of BL GROUP, Member of the Bureau of the Board of the RSPP, Chairman of the RSPP Commission on the Radio-Electronic and Electrical Industry, Chairman of the NTS Svetotekhnika, took part in the regular meeting of the working group to prepare the meeting of the State Council "On Energy Saving and Increasing Energy Efficiency in the Russian Federation".

The meeting was held with the participation of members of the State Council commissions, representatives of the Presidential Administration, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, ministries and departments, regional authorities, business representatives and experts. Topical problems of energy saving and energy efficiency in transport, industry, and urban economy were discussed. In particular, the issues of import substitution were touched upon .

The proposals of the working group will be taken into account when preparing a consolidated report for the meeting of the State Council and the state program "Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Up to 2035".
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