July 06, 2022

Thanks to joining the Corporation, we have new opportunities

The designers of the Electroluch plant  got acquainted with the work of the BL GROUP. An introductory event was held at the BL GROUP for the employees of the technical department of the recently included the Elektroluch plant named after. Yablochkov.

Some of the meetings were held at the Corporation's Museum of Light, where the plant's designers had the opportunity to get complete information about the products. Eduard Zhegalin , Director of ICC "BL GROUP" for technical policy, development, innovation and product marketing, spoke about the existing and future developments of luminaires, and also discussed with representatives of the plant plans for the development of production of the line of explosion-proof luminaires produced by the plant.

Head of the technical department of the Electroluch plant Sergey Tsarkov:

Our factory traces its history back to 1889, when, with the advent of electricity and the beginning of the construction of the first power plants, it became necessary to produce lighting fittings for electric light sources. In the Soviet years, our plant was a leading enterprise in the lighting industry. Today we produce a wide range of explosion-proof luminaires for various industries. This is the oil, gas, coal mining industry. We have recently become part of the BL GROUP. For us, designers of lighting equipment, this is a very positive development. We adopt the experience of our colleagues, we look at novelties. Today at the Museum of Light we got acquainted with various product lines of the Corporation. Diversity, the work of the Corporation in many areas, developments in many areas of application of lighting - all this is very impressive. There are even interactive shops.

The products of our factory have a different functionality, we work in a specific area, it is in this area that we are professionals. Now we are working on ideas for the development of our product lines as part of the Corporation. We are already actively discussing new products for explosion-proof areas with our colleagues at BL GROUP. Thanks to joining the Corporation, we have new opportunities and good prospects, we will be able to implement our ideas, bring the latest developments to the market faster.”

About the plant and its entry into the Corporation  https://bl-g.ru/about/press_center/5539/  
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