June 30, 2022

Elektroluch plant became a part of BL GROUP

In May 2022, the Electroluch plant named after P. N. Yablochkov joined the International Lighting Corporation "BOOS LIGHTING GROUP" and became the 6th production enterprise in its composition along with the Likhoslavl and Kadoshkinsky lighting plants, telemechanical production, the plant of metal structures "OPORA ENGINEERING "and the manufacturer of LEDs "Klever ".

Explosion-proof luminaires produced by "Elektroluch " are of excellent quality. The merger with BL GROUP opens up new opportunities for the plant, including a high level of customer service, development, modernization and scaling of production sites, as well as a significantly larger circle of distributors and the ability to distribute the plant's products to consumers throughout Russia.

The entire line of explosion-proof luminaires will be released under the GALAD brand. Production volumes will be increased in the near future: BL GROUP plans to use explosion-proof luminaires produced at the Elektroluch  plant in projects of the current year.

New prospects and benefits will also open up for customers who cooperated with the Elektroluch plant before it became part of the Corporation. They will have the opportunity to comprehensively approach the implementation of projects and equip the territories adjacent to explosive zones with products from other production segments of BL GROUP - outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures, poles, masts and telemechanical systems.

The electronic version of the GALAD explosion-proof luminaires catalog is already available at the link. For purchase questions, please contact your manager or call the general phone number, which you will find in the "Contacts" section.
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