May 17, 2022

The master class of the BL GROUP on the topic of lighting solutions in tourism was successfully held at the Higher School of Tourism and Hospitality

On May 17, a master class of the International Lighting Corporation BOOS LIGHTING GROUP (BL GROUP) was held at the Higher School of Tourism and Hospitality of RGUTIS "Lighting solutions in tourism: A technological breakthrough".

The participants of the event are the authors of student projects of the pre-accelerator program for the support and training of technological teams ("NTI Pre-Accelerator") in the field of tourism, hospitality and service. The master class was designed to help participants create teams for the implementation of innovative projects in this area. The event was held in partnership with the University Boiling Point of RGUTIS (UTK-RGUTIS) and ANO "NTI Platform" within the framework of the "National Technology Initiative" program.

Specialists of BL GROUP as experts of the Program made presentations on the role and importance of light and lighting solutions for the tourism industry. The President of BL GROUP, Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Lighting Industry (NTS "Lighting Engineering") addressed the participants with a welcoming speech George Boos.

The moderator of the master class was the head of the Development and Promotion Department of the Svetoservis-Moscow Region Corporation. Maxim Chmeruk. In his introductory speech, he told about the history of the development of artificial lighting "from a beam to an LED" and about the 30-year history of the creation and formation of the BL GROUP, which turned from a small company "Svetoservis" created by George Boos in 1991 into the largest lighting association in Russia, an industry leader with the status of a backbone company and domestic manufacturer. BL GROUP is the only Corporation in the Russian market of lighting engineering, leading scientific and technical developments for the entire industry and having its own production of all elements of lighting systems and lines - from supports and modern LED luminaires, including LEDs themselves, to integrated lighting control systems. Over 30 years of operation, BL GROUP has implemented more than 10 thousand projects of various complexity in Russia and abroad. On the account of the Corporation - lighting of many large industrial, infrastructural, architectural and historical sites in Moscow, St. Petersburg, other cities, hundreds of thousands of improvement facilities in municipalities throughout the country.

Karsten Winkels, Art Director of the Svetoproekt Corporation division, made a presentation to the program participants on "Light and Emotions. Light as a tool to attract tourists." He spoke about what light designers do, about the formation of the light image of an object, about the emotional impact of light on people, about creating points of attraction for tourists with the help of light. Using examples, he showed what factors it is important for lighting designers and lighting engineers to take into account when creating architectural and artistic lighting of historical and modern objects. In the presentation, he gave examples of implemented lighting solutions in various cities of the world, including unique projects of the BL GROUP.

Elena Oshurkova, a specialist in the training of BL GROUP and a lecturer at the Department of Lighting Engineering of the NRU "MEI" in the report "The influence of lighting on human biorhythms" told about how human biorhythms are related to lighting, about proper indoor lighting with LEDs and about new "smart solutions" in this area. In the presentation, she clearly demonstrated how the eye works, how the signal is transmitted to the brain, how vision works day and night, and which cells react to blue light (the color of the sky) and participate in the management of circadian rhythms. A healthy person goes through a number of physiological and emotional states during the day. In the arrangement of tourist facilities, including hotel complexes, all this must be taken into account. The interior lighting of spaces should be close to natural conditions in terms of color temperature. The adjustable color temperature of lighting devices, for example, in conference halls, allows you to increase the efficiency of people. Such opportunities are provided by modern LED luminaires.
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