April 22, 2022

"We are creating a unique system of self-purification of the market from the corrosive corrosion of unscrupulous activity"

On April 14 in the RSPP at the conference "ESVC. Lighting engineering" manufacturers, distributors and importers of lighting products announced the creation of a unified input control system for lighting products and signed a corresponding Declaration "On the ethics of work in the electrical market of the Russian Federation". BL GROUP also joined the Declaration as part of the Association "Honest Position" (see https://bl-g.ru/about/press_center/5449 /).

The essence of the proposed mechanisms to combat counterfeiting in the lighting market was told by Evgeny Dolin, GR-Director of the BL GROUP:

We are creating a unique system of self-control and self-purification of the market from the corrosive corrosion of unfair activity. A system that will work for the interests of consumers and suppliers, will not allow to distort the parameters of the goods with impunity, a system that will ensure the safety of products for the consumer. After all, the use of low-quality lighting products carries a huge danger - both for the lives of citizens and for the work of enterprises. The use of products that do not comply with Technical Regulations leads to fires, fires, and can also negatively and even destructively affect the production and technological processes of enterprises. At the same time, our market is flooded with these products. The results of the monitoring conducted by the Honest Position Association were presented at the conference - 76% of the luminaires are counterfeit and pose a potential threat to human life and health. At the same time, against the background of the weakening of the measures of the system of state control and supervision, namely, the cancellation of scheduled inspections, simplification of the procedure for declaring and confirming the conformity of products with mandatory requirements, the situation with the quality and safety of products in circulation may deteriorate significantly.

Having signed the Declaration proposed by us, the participants of the electrical engineering market – suppliers and distributors agreed to fulfill the following obligations:

     - not to seek economic benefits by obtaining competitive advantages in the market by reducing the quality of the products offered, departing from technically sound requirements for lighting devices, illegally specifying product characteristics that do not correspond to actual parameters;

     - not to put on the market products that do not meet the requirements of technical regulations and legislation;

     - on a transparent basis, with the involvement of accredited laboratories, to check the compliance of lighting products with mandatory requirements and declared parameters;

     - bear mutual responsibility for violations identified under the regulations of the Unified Entrance Control System (UES) in the form of return of products to the manufacturer, payment of fines, compensation for damage, etc.

RSPP is a unique platform where the largest consumers of electrical products, i.e. Russian industrialists, declare their interests, including. It is in their interests to receive products that not only meet consumer parameters, but also meet the requirements of electrical and fire safety. At the same time, the participants of the association "Honest Position" keep in focus not only lighting equipment. Simultaneously with the construction of the lighting control system, work is underway on cable and wire products, and on automatic machines and switches.

The result will be direct and immediate. Products that pose a threat to the consumer and the entire chain of honest market participants will leave the "shelves" of distributors. Suppliers will get fair competition. Consumers will get quality and safety. Manufacturers will receive an expansion of production.

At this stage, the EUVC will include all federal and regional distributors of electrical equipment and major suppliers (manufacturers and importers) of lighting equipment. In the future, the remaining segments of electrical engineering will be connected to the ESVC.

Restoring order with lighting products will lead to an increase in the quality of life – after all, light is needed in all spheres of human activity. The entire public, social, and industrial infrastructure will be provided with better and safer conditions, which will increase the efficiency of its functioning.

Businesses on both sides of the market (buyers and suppliers) will receive healthy competition, mutually balanced protection of their interests, market and production growth. National standards and technical regulations will receive a powerful and, very importantly, a market-based tool to enforce their compliance. Consumers will be provided with a kind of "Quality Mark" for lighting products.

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