April 22, 2022

BL GROUP joined the Declaration of manufacturers and distributors of lighting equipment to combat counterfeiting in the market

On April 14, the RSPP hosted the conference "ESWC. Lighting engineering", during which manufacturers and distributors of lighting equipment (more than 100 companies) announced the creation of a Unified system of entrance control of lighting products (ESVC) to combat the entry of low-quality products into the market, with unscrupulous market participants.

The proposed system is a mechanism for self-regulation of the industry, when manufacturers and suppliers undertake not to release products to the market that do not comply with technical regulations, ensure their compliance with mandatory safety requirements for the consumer, and also bear responsibility for violations, for distortions of product parameters.

Following the results of the conference, the participants signed a Declaration of manufacturers and distributors (sellers) of lighting devices "On the ethics of work in the electrical market of the Russian Federation" (see explanations below and photos).

BL GROUP also joined the signing of the Declaration as part of the Association "Honest Position".

The initiators of the conference, the creation of the ECM system and the signing of the Declaration were the Honest Position Association, the Russian Association of Electrical Engineering Companies (RAEC) with the participation of the RSPP Commission on Radioelectronic and Electrical Industry headed by George Boos and the RSPP Committee on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation.

Opening the conference, the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin noted that the creation of the EUWC is a timely event, "The fight against counterfeiting remains one of the main criteria of our industrial policy, the policy of protecting the rights of bona fide manufacturers and distributors. In the current conditions, such mechanisms of self-regulation and self-control are especially important, which will not allow counterfeit goods to enter the Russian market," Alexander Shokhin explained. He also noted that the RSPP "is ready to actively continue to participate in the activities of the state Commission for combating counterfeit products, which is headed by the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov," indicating the important role of the commission headed by George Boos in this.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vasily Shpak also supported the initiative of the ECWC and the activities of the RSPP to counteract the illicit trafficking of lighting products: "We are all interested in ensuring that our market, our consumer have access to quality goods, competitive goods, at a fair price with the appropriate consumer properties and characteristics. Therefore, we warmly welcome any initiatives in this area. It is absolutely necessary that this involves the participation of all our manufacturers in this field. We promote an active position, supporting any initiatives for self-organization of our industry."

During the conference, it was noted that the reason for the creation of such a self-regulation mechanism as the ERC was the high proportion of low-quality and falsified products on the lighting market and the weakening of the measures of the state control and supervision system. According to the head of Honest Position, Vladimir Kashkin, "unsafe products are coming to our market in a wide flow, we know textbook cases, such as a fire in the Winter Cherry, when tragedies of a national scale occur due to a fire in the luminairess."

According to the results of the monitoring conducted by the Honest Position Association, it was found that 76% of the luminaires on the market are counterfeit and pose a potential threat to people's lives and health. The Association believes that against the background of the cancellation of scheduled inspections, simplification of the declaration procedure and confirmation of conformity of products with mandatory requirements, the situation with the quality and safety of products entering circulation may significantly worsen.

The representative of the RAEC Leonid Dianov noted: "For us, of course, the responsibility of our business is important. We are distribution companies that operate in different segments. We believe that we need to work together with manufacturers in the same chain and control this chain."

According to the signed Declaration, the participants of the electrical engineering market – suppliers and distributors assumed, among other things, the following obligations (see the photo with the full text of the Declaration):

- not to seek economic benefits by obtaining competitive advantages in the market by reducing the quality of the products offered, departing from technically sound requirements for lighting devices, illegally specifying product characteristics that do not correspond to actual parameters;

- on a transparent basis, with the involvement of accredited laboratories, to check the compliance of lighting products with mandatory requirements and declared parameters;

- bear mutual responsibility for violations identified under the Regulations of the Unified Entrance Control System (UES) in the form of return of products to the manufacturer, payment of fines, compensation for damage, etc.


Evgeny Dolin, GR-Director of BL GROUP: "A unique commercially sound system of self-control and self-purification of the market from the corrosive corrosion of unscrupulous activity is being created. A system that works for the interests of consumers and suppliers, which does not allow to distort the parameters of the goods with impunity, ensuring the safety of products for the consumer."

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