July 27, 2021

The lighting universe in BLGroupcraft

ILEC BL GROUP has released a network computer game about city lighting. The BLGroupcraft game is based on the most popular computer game of the last decade. To develop game scenarios, a competition was held among students of the Department of Lighting Engineering of the MEI university and students of the Department of Environmental Design of the MGHPA university named after Stroganov. Earlier we talked about the winners of the contest. The scripts of the finalists Egor Tsepkin, Polina Martirosyan, Maria Mikhailova, Anastasia Krayushkina and Anna Stolyarova were embodied in three game worlds.

BLGroupcraft allows you to immerse yourself in the world of lighting technology with exciting adventures. The task of the main character is to illuminate cities and protect civilians of the kingdom from night monsters. You can upgrade your character as well as buy luminaires for the local currency Lumens. Access to the game world is open to all users with an official Minecraft account.

Breathe life into the virtual world with the help of light! We are waiting for you in BLGroupcraft!

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