July 19, 2021

Increasing productivity: BL GROUP specialists have developed and mastered mass production of Russia’s first phyto-LED luminaires for horticulture

On July 12, BL GROUP factory Klever launched a first production of Russian phyto-LED luminaires for horticulture. The development of new innovative products was carried out jointly with the SVETOKULTURA Research and Production Center, which is also part of the Corporation.

To create phyto-LED luminaires specialists of Klever factory have developed unique phosphor compositions that obtain optimal radiation ratios for plant cultivation in the" blue “(400-500 nm) and” green "(500-600 nm) ranges. When using wide-spectrum and quasi-monochromatic LEDs in the phyto-emitter simultaneously, LED luminaires coated with this composition increase the efficiency of the irradiator by 15%.

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