May 18, 2020

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiators for disinfection of air and surfaces

The experts of International lighting engineering corporation «BOOS LIGHTING GROUP» as soon as possible have worked out and prepared for the production chain the family of ultraviolet germicidal irradiators for disinfection of air and surfaces. Their usage will prevent the spread of corona virus infection and ensure the efficient prevention of other dangerous inflectional diseases.

How does the technology work?

Ultraviolet radiation within the interval of the length of waves 240–290 nm of UV–С range and, partly, UV–В damage the DNA chains and RNA of pathogenic germs, including corona virus, and leads to decontamination and destruction of viruses and bacteria .It hits the germs both in the air and on different surfaces. The solution is simple and safe: ultraviolet does not change the organoleptic, physical and chemical properties of air and water, does not create any side combinations.

Application areas

UV germicidal irradiators could be used with precautions (bearing in mind the negative effect of UV on human beings, animals and plants) in any premises, including medical, administrative, educational institutions, in trade and office centers, transport and sport infrastructure objects, in any other locations with big passing ability.

Technical solution variants

Germicidal irradiators are different, depending on the use in the presence of people. Direct UV radiation is dangerous for human body, so in the presence of people one can use only the closed type irradiators, where the ultraviolet lamps are hidden in the closed box. The principle of Its functioning is simple: the air, circulating in the premises , passes through the box and gets disinfected.

The installations of opened and combined types one can use only in the premises or territories, where there are no people at the moment. Such installations consist of ultraviolet lamps and reflectors, which direct radiation to a certain part of premises or surfaces.

How do the germicidal installations differ? Their basic service conditions.

The very first difference is the power of radiation, which influences on the air and surfaces disinfection speed.

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiators are just one remedy in the vast arsenal of means against corona virus, the efficiency of which increases, when the ceiling or floor ventilators are used in the premises. The important advantage of this innovative solution is the quick installation and simple operation. It is easy to move the irradiators in the premises, directing them to various parts.

In order to exclude the photo reactivation effect of pathogenic germs after the usage of germicidal irradiators of open type there should be no artificial or natural lighting in the premises. Because of the possibility of ozone formation in the irradiators with mercury lamps of DRТ type, one should take a careful airing of the premises.

The installations undergo certification at the moment and will be available for ordering in the nearest time.

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