October 15, 2019

The light solution for "Smart city" from ILEC «BL GROUP»

All lighting engineering solutions of ILEC «BL GROUP», shown at the exposition of the Corporation at the exhibition “ InterlightRussia | IntelligentbuildingRussia 2019”,are summarized in this video as well as the examples of their integration into the digital services and platforms of “ Smart city”.

They are united by the new understanding of the role of artificial illumination, which is striving for the synergy with the other technologies in order to create comfortable urban environment, sensitive to the needs of people. These solutions support the data acquisition and record infrastructure, help to optimize city navigation, actively join into the production and business processes and execute the whole range of new functions.

The light of «Smart city» is both functional and aesthetically acceptable. It makes possible to charge electrical appliances straight in the street, it influences favorably on the safety of road traffic, it uses the new sources of energy and does not forget about the energy efficient use of the traditional ones. And at the same time —it creates the romantic entourage during the walk in a park, grants cheerful moods and life-giving forces to the office workers!

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