October 23, 2018

Pearls of light for the Pearl of Wetterau: ILEC “BL GROUP” LLC illuminated the streets of Butzbach

Butzbach is a city in Germany, part of the Wetterau region (Land Hessen, Darmstadt administrative district). Many urban experts call it “Wetterau Pearl” due to Taunus Landscape Park that turns Butzbach into a blessed green land and makes it shine with the energy of nature. Recently, 13 urban areas located near the park have started to shine in new splendor.

In recent weeks, the street lighting in the city has been modernized. Life-expired lighting equipment was replaced with new energy-saving LED luminaires. According to the customer’s request, a special ring cover was developed for Pilos model range luminaires at the WunschLeuchten GmbH plant that is part of the ILEC “BL GROUP” LLC. This non-standard design solution made it possible to create vertical levels of illumination that arouse a more pleasant feeling from lighting. At the same time, the technical characteristics of the luminaires fully comply with the regulatory requirements for street lighting in Germany.

In addition to the aesthetic value of the lighting created, its energy efficiency should be mentioned. Due to a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to the devices installed here before, it is possible to significantly reduce the maintenance costs of luminaires.

New street lighting in Butzbakh is customized to the needs of all local residents to the maximum extent possible – both pedestrians and drivers. Simply put, light appears exactly at the places where it is needed. This level of light focusing is achieved due to a number of innovative solutions created at WunschLeuchten GmbH plant, in particular, the use of special optics.

Within the framework of the project, about 300 luminaires of the Pilos model range by BOOS are installed on the streets of Butzbach. All lighting facilities have been put into operation.

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