We invest in science to transform ideas into sought-after innovative products. Science for us is participation in the development of new directions in lighting engineering. This is the design of new modern lighting devices based on advanced scientific developments. This is getting up-to-date information about the latest global achievements of the industry.

Svetoservis-Volgograd: 66 more settlements of the region will receive new lighting from the BL GROUP this year

August 17, 2022

The company "Svetoservis-Volgograd", a member of the BL GROUP, in early August became the winner of the next auction for the restoration of lighting of the street and road network in the settlements of the Volgograd region within the framework of the regional program "Energy saving and energy efficiency of street lighting systems in municipalities of the Volgograd region". The purpose of the program is to provide reliable and highly efficient street (outdoor) lighting of settlements in the Volgograd region.


Svetoservis-Volgograd: new lighting for 26 schools of the Volgograd region

August 15, 2022

The company "Svetoservis-Volgograd", which is part of the BL GROUP, has started work on the replacement of lighting fixtures in the buildings of municipal educational organizations of the Volgograd region. The contract was concluded based on the results of an auction held in the region, where our company was recognized as the winner.


Svetoservis-Moscow Region: new major projects in the Moscow region

August 02, 2022

The Svetoservis-Moscow Region company, which is a part of the BL GROUP, this year is implementing projects to modernize outdoor lighting systems in various cities of the Moscow Region as part of municipal improvement and energy efficiency programs. The contracts were concluded by our division with the administrations of the respective city districts based on the results of electronic auctions and tenders for placing a municipal order.


Concession in Volgograd: high-quality outdoor lighting service throughout the city

July 25, 2022

The Svetoservis-Volgograd company, which is part of the BL GROUP, continues to successfully carry out maintenance, operation and maintenance of the outdoor lighting system in Volgograd within the framework of the 15-year Concession Agreement concluded on February 1, 2018. Recall that the Program of modernization of outdoor lighting provided for by the Agreement was successfully completed by our specialists at the end of 2021 (see /).


BL GROUP has completed a project to update the outdoor lighting system in Tver

July 22, 2022

The company "Svetoservis-Volgograd", which is part of the BL GROUP, has completed a project in Tver to update outdoor lighting under an energy service contract. The contract was concluded at the end of 2021 following the results of a competition for the placement of a municipal order with the Municipal Unitary Enterprise Tvergorelektro.


Concession in Blagoveshchensk: the media positively assessed the progress of lighting modernization in Blagoveshchensk

July 19, 2022

The administration of the city of Blagoveshchensk in the Amur Region, where the divisions of the Svetoservis Corporation Far East and SLS Blagoveshchensk have been carrying out a comprehensive modernization of the outdoor lighting system since last year under a 15-year Concession Agreement, demonstrated the progress of the work to representatives of the local media.


Georgy Boos took part in the preparation of the meeting of the State Council of the Russian Federation "On energy saving and energy efficiency in the Russian Federation"

July 15, 2022

President of BL GROUP, Member of the Bureau of the Board of the RSPP, Chairman of the RSPP Commission on the Radio-Electronic and Electrical Industry, Chairman of the NTS Svetotekhnika, took part in the regular meeting of the working group to prepare the meeting of the State Council "On Energy Saving and Increasing Energy Efficiency in the Russian Federation".


SPC "Svetokultura": the results of the competition for the best design projects of vertical farms have been summed up

July 14, 2022

At the beginning of this year, the SPC "Svetokultura" together with the Moscow State Art Academy named after. S.G. Stroganova announced a competition for students of the Department of "Furniture Design" for the best design project of the automated multi-tier plant GALAD Green Line for growing lettuce and vegetable crops (see


BL GROUP - participant of the conference "Building sport today"

July 13, 2022

On July 7-8, St. Petersburg hosted the First Intersectoral Conference of the Construction Business “Building Sports Today”. The event was attended by representatives of executive authorities and municipal government in the field of construction and sports, heads and specialists of design organizations, architectural bureaus and construction companies.


Concession in Bogorodsky District of the Moscow Region: modernization of the outdoor lighting system and leadership in the rating for its operation

July 11, 2022

The company "BL-MONTAZH", which is part of the BL GROUP, within the framework of a 15-year Concession Agreement, continues to successfully carry out work in the Bogorodsky District of the Moscow Region on the modernization of the outdoor lighting system, as well as on its maintenance, operation and current repairs in Noginsk and other settlements.


Concession in Solnechnogorsk: stable operation of outdoor lighting

July 08, 2022

The Svetoservis -Solnechnogorsk company, which is part of the BL GROUP, within the framework of a 15-year Concession Agreement, along with the completion of the Modernization Program, continues to successfully carry out work on the technical operation of outdoor lighting in the Solnechnogorsk city district. The district, in addition to the city, includes 198 more settlements.


Light-in-Night version 6 introduces new possibilities for designing lighting installations

July 07, 2022

BL GROUP develops and produces not only luminaires for various purposes, lighting poles, components, hardware and software systems for lighting control, but also unique software products for designers. One of these products is the well-known computer program Light-in-Night , designed for calculation and design of utility outdoor lighting installations based on domestic luminaires. This is the only professional certified Russian software for lighting calculations according to Russian lighting standards and road surface types.


Our lighting modernization project in Blagoveshchensk is the best in Russia

July 01, 2022

Since last year, the subdivisions of BL GROUP - SLS Blagoveshchensk and Svetoservis Far East - have been carrying out a large-scale modernization of outdoor lighting in the city of Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region. The project using smart city technologies is being implemented under a 15-year Concession Agreement (, ).


The catalog of explosion-proof luminaires has been released

June 30, 2022

Explosion-proof luminaires produced by Elektroluch  are of excellent quality. The merger with BL GROUP opens up new opportunities for the plant, including a high level of customer service, development, modernization and scaling of production sites, as well as a significantly larger circle of distributors and the ability to distribute the plant's products to consumers throughout Russia.


Elektroluch plant became a part of BL GROUP

June 30, 2022

In May 2022, the Electroluch plant named after P. N. Yablochkov joined the International Lighting Corporation "BOOS LIGHTING GROUP" and became the 6th production enterprise in its composition along with the Likhoslavl and Kadoshkinsky lighting plants, telemechanical production, the plant of metal structures "OPORA ENGINEERING "and the manufacturer of LEDs "Klever ".


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