October 29, 2018

Brochure “Exhibition Display Lighting” describing the ways of preserving an art object and contributing to its self-expression

The brochure "Exhibition Display Lighting" reveals the possibilities of GALAD lighting products in the field of exhibition (museum) display lighting. At the same time, talking about solutions for the lighting of various art objects, the authors discuss the features of the tasks of exhibition display lighting and about its role in the formation of artistic images of these works. This specificity is noted very precisely: lighting to the maximum extent possible should contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage items, create the best conditions for the self-expression of art objects, and in some cases even complement the impact of the art object on the viewer.

The first section of the brochure reveals the basic rules of exposition display lighting and important lighting parameters of lighting devices that affect both the safety of an art object and the peculiarities of perception of the exhibition by viewers. It turns out that the correctly chosen parameters help reconstruct the lighting conditions under which the art work was created. It is in this authentic atmosphere that the viewer can fully experience the ideas and emotions of its author. At the same time, properly designed lighting lets the interior of the exhibition hall to play out in fresh colours. With its help, the semantic and aesthetic unity of the exhibits and their environment is achieved, and visitors intuitively determine the optimal route for viewing the exposition that turns into a full-fledged history of cultural experience.

The following sections consistently explain the nuances of lighting for paintings, sculptures and bas-reliefs as well as for modern art objects. The majority of art works are characterized by minimal participation of lighting in the creation of an artistic image: it strengthens the semantic accents made by the author, makes it possible to highlight an art object that is the key to the concept of the exposition, however, it does not interfere with the interaction process between the art object and viewers. However, for the perception of a number of modern art objects, lighting is vital as an element of the artistic language. The authors talk about the ways to add dynamics to an art object and create artistic effects, such as play of light and shadow, kinetic lighting compositions, and other manifestations of interactive art – all these by selecting design solutions for the luminaire and adjusting its lighting parameters. Lighting shows us the miracle of its creative possibilities, transforming into a light installation, light graffiti or a light sculpture.

The presentation of the material is convenient for the widest audience – designers, customers, specialists in exposition activities and art work creators. The brochure presents integrated solutions that consider the material from which an art object is made, as well as its location in the exhibition hall. For each luminaire under the GALAD trademark, variations of complete sets with additional options are selected, solutions for installing the devices are provided, and lighting control capabilities are indicated. GALAD is a trademark of products manufactured at domestic enterprises of ILEC “BL GROUP” LLC.

The brochure is aimed at helping find such lighting that will become an integral part of the living organism of a museum exhibition, show its inspiration, embodied emotions and moments caught.

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