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We are the lighting and engineering corporation, which for the first time in 2000–2002 had represented Russia at the international exhibition Light+Building in Frankfurt-on-Main, having presented projects of architectural and artistic lighting of Moscow city and domestic products. Commencement of export to Europe was scheduled two years later in 2004, when lighting systems of the main road around Prague have been equipped with our products. However, during the next decade work under the international projects was not highlighted as a separate and priority direction of activity, but has been developing episodically.
Nevertheless, due to successful business in Russia, growth of production capacities, global modernization of production, and creation of the stable intellectual plant, we were able to provide with high-technology lighting systems not only domestic, but also foreign markets both highly competitive with the established structure and developing ones. Our interest in strengthening of positions at markets of Europe, Near East, and Africa, as well as several Asian countries is supported by high consumer demand.
For this very reason, in 2013 we have established our own International Business Strategy and this direction joined the number of priority activities of the corporation.
Nowadays, at the European market we are presented by companies, reference to which at product label is some kind of “quality mark” for the consumer — in Germany and Spain. In Germany the corporation is represented by management company BL Group Europe GmbH (founded in 2013) and plant Wunschleuchten GmbH (acquired in 2014), historically “family-based” lighting engineering enterprise occupying strong positions at the local market of South-German land Baden-Wurttemberg. In 2014 in Spain, we have opened affiliated company BL Group Europe – BOOS Technical Lighting, development and application center in Valladolid. Distribution network of the corporation in Europe also covers France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Baltic states, with operating representative offices in CIS states.
In 2015, engineering company BL TRADE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED was registered in the Indian Republic (New-Delhi), new branch was registered in the United Arab Emirates (Abu-Dhabi), and new representative office was registered in Armenia (Erevan).
With the use of products developed by our Spanish experimental design bureau and assembled at plants of the corporation located in Germany and Spain, we have already implemented projects in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, and India. All accessories for assembly in Europe are supplied by our Russian plants.
Volume of export in 2017 would comprise of up to 15% of the total corporate income.
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