40th Anniversary of Greenhouse Light in Russia

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In the early 1970s, after the resolutions of the Party Congress, the USSR started the production of structures and large scale construction of greenhouses; sheltered ground industry was created, and its goal was to supply fresh, vitamin-rich vegetables for consumer market in winter.

Behind the Hockey Roundtable

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The conversation was lively and fun, the participants included Dmitry Afanasyev, head coach of the children's hockey team "Sveton", his ex-student and now assistant Alexey Eskov (goaltender coach), Sergey Susanin, President of the veterans hockey club, and our employees Ian Golubev and Andrey Morenko.

The article about improving the regulations and methods to control the illumination of roads in World of Roads magazine

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The article “Improving the regulations and methods to control the illumination of roads as an important factor for increasing the road traffic safety” was published in World of Roads magazine, issue No. 69, 2013.

The article about the new architectural lighting of the Mariinsky Theatre scene

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The article about the new architectural lighting the Mariinsky Theatre scene and the unique lighting control system was published in the third issue of Architect magazine.
Authors: E.G. Boos, M.P. Belyakov, O.A. Proskurin, P.F. Borzov.

The articles by A.I. Kirichok “Industry automation”

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The article “Approach to implementing the integrated system of automated control over architectural and outdoor lighting in Moscow” by Kirichok A.I, Deputy Development Director of Svetoservis Ltd Vostochny Branch, co-authored M.V. Buinevich, Doctor of technical sciences, professor of the St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications named after M.A. Bonch-Bruevich, was published in issue 11 of Industry Automation magazine.

The interview with Michael Kiptik in the magazine “Business of the Capital”

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The interview with the Executive Director of “Svetoservis” Michael Kiptik was published in thematic issue of the magazine “Business of the Capital” dedicated to energy, electrical engineering, instrument engineering.

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